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CheetahWrap Matte Military Green
Huber Wraps, Tulsa, OK

“The new film from CheetahWrap is unlike anything I’ve installed before, and I’ve installed just about every brand on the market.  The initial tack is very light, making backing paper removal a breeze and application super easy.  And once it’s squeegeed down, it stays in place, period.  I even pushed the vinyl (probably further than I should have) and it held in place without a doubt.  This film is surely a contender in the colorchange wrap market, and it’s price point really makes it a great option.  We even had the opportunity to remove a CheetahWrap, and in our experience, it was a flawless, adhesive free removal.”


Jay Huber
Huber Wraps
Tulsa, OK



CheetahWrap Gloss Mint Blue
Lettering Express, Oklahoma City, OK

“Here at Lettering Express we have installed a wide range of commercial graphics and colorchange vinyl . The material characteristics have changed a lot since we first opened up in 1988. I enjoy the CheetahWrap material for its ease of install. When it comes to color change vehicle wraps installation qualities are a huge factor in our material selection. Being able to schedule one installer on a custom wrap is a huge plus. I feel confident my installers will do a quality install in a timely manner by himself. This helps us keep our installation schedule spread out and moving.”


Charlie Trujilio
Lettering Express
Oklahoma City, OK



CheetahWrap Satin Blue Aluminum
Vivid Wraps, Cincinatti, OH

“The new CheetahWrap material is amazing! It's almost like they took all of the great features from the big name brands and put into one. It installs so easy and is almost effortless and once it's properly post heated I have yet to see any failure. The colors are unique and absolutely gorgeous! They have some of the deepest gloss I have seen and their gloss black is my go to for roof wraps and Chrome deletes. To top it off, the price per roll is cheaper than any other brands out there! Using CheetahWrap colorchange vinyl will save you time and increase your profits significantly!”


Kris Durante
Vivid Wraps
Cincinnati, OH



CheetahWrap Matte Black and CheetahWrap Gloss Black
Car Wrap City, Carrollton, TX

“I really liked the ease of re-positioning with CheetahWrap. We could get the vinyl on the car and move it around easier than the other major brands. With some brands, matte and satin film leaves a residue that looks like dust under the vinyl once you reposition once. This was not present with CheetahWrap material. We were able to reposition the vinyl numerous times with no side effects of doing so.”


Carlos Estrada
Car Wrap City
Carrollton, TX



CheetahWrap Matte Black and CheetahWrap Gloss Black
Car Wrap City, Carrollton, TX

“This competes with top tier vinyl. We were very surprised at how easy it was to work with. We like that it is heat activated, it really lets you position the vinyl exactly where it needs to go. Another plus with the Matte film, it stuck to itself once it was heated which is something not easily possible with other brands. We've always had issue with vinyls sticking to matte film for overlays etc, not the case with CheetahWrap. I would put this up against the big names any day of the week.”


Xavier Estrada
Car Wrap City
Carrollton, TX



CheetahWrap Matte Black
Midwest Wraps, Tulsa, OK

“The ability to slide and reposition CheetahWrap vinyl is like no other vinyl on the market. It applies a bit differently since it has such low initial tack. Once you get it where you want, squeegee like normal and hit it with heat to lock it in place.”


Travis Haremza
Midwest Wraps
Tulsa, OK



CheetahWrap Satin Nardo Gray and Cheetahwrap Gloss Black
Wrapsesh/Vinyl Vixen, Mesa, AZ

“CheetahWrap Vinyl is Vinyl Vixen Approved, as our new favorite film on the market! This film features the lowest tack out there, making it the most installer-friendly vinyl possible. The slideability makes this film easily repositionable even when it has been squeegeed down. Glue lines and Adhesive Failure/speckling are a thing of the past! The cover films on the gloss make a huge difference on color clarity, eliminating orange peel and haze/fog on the film. If you want a perfect finish vinyl, minus all the install problems, CheetahWrap Vinyl is the way to go!”


Jessica Bonifacio and Michael Shed
Wrapsesh/Vinyl Vixen
Mesa, AZ



CheetahWrap Satin Red Aluminum
Oklahoma Customs, Oklahoma City, OK

“I'm really impressed with the workability of the film and ability to readjust the vinyl is amazing. Perfect for one person to handle the install with ease. CheetahWrap is going to be a game changer!”


Mark Parks
Oklahoma Customs
Oklahoma City, OK



CheetahWrap Satin Charcoal Metallic
201 Wraps, Jacksonville, FL

“I use many different films on a day to day basis, however, when it comes to a color change product, CheetahWrap is rapidly becoming one of my personal favorites. Slightly thinner than other wrapping films on the market, it conforms easily with no need excessively stretch. Once post heated, CheetahWrap presents a superior hold, with far less post installation touch-ups. Additionally with a great variety of desirable colors, and low tack initial tack, CheetahWrap not only minimize glue lines, but also allows for easy repositioning prior to, heat and pressure activated, final positioning. CheetahWrap has a solid product that compliments our customers needs, and gives our company an advantage when competing on price!”


Austin Smith
201 Wraps
Jacksonville, FL



CheetahWrap Gloss Grass Green
Mr. G Graphics, Bronx, NY

“We like that CheetahWrap vinyl is activated by heat, it adheres very well to surfaces. It is very easy to install and reposition it to the place that you want. After 10 years of experience using other great brands we dare to say that CheetahWrap can compete with them and with a better price. Our team is in love with CheetahWrap.”


Jimmy Hernandez
Mr. G Graphics
Bronx, NY